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We build, deploy, and scale adaptive modeling applications on-premise and in the cloud.

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News distillation

Stay updated on the latest news using a myriad of news sources from all over the world to ensure you get the widest story coverage possible.

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News distillation

Read a distilled summary of the latest events, based on diverse sources that ensure you get all the relevant details you need to stay up to date.

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Ask the news

Chat with the news using your favorite LLM to answer your news-related questions.

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Get up-to-date answers to your news questions and dive deeper into the details for more context with cited references.

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2024 US Elections

Analyze the upcoming US presidential election through news sentiment per candidate and party.

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What is Emergent Methods?

The Emergent Methods team develops open-source software like FreqAI and Flowdapt. We keep our finger on the pulse of the fast-paced machine learning industry so that we can integrate innovative solutions into our software.
We use our expertise in foundational software to help clients build and deploy computationally efficent large-scale, on-premise, applications infused with artificial intelligence.
We host a powerful solar powered cluster that we maintain and secure for clients who do not have the resources or interest to host their own hardware.
Our software portfolio contains a variety of applications designed to leverage a broad range of mature AI tools. Our experience developing these architectures equates to rapid hypothesis testing on large parameter spaces, optimized data collection, and general crash resilience.
Flowdapt, our flagship open-source software, is agnostic to streamed input data. Some of our premade examples include contextualized on-premise LLMs, financial market forecasting, and weather forecasting. This modularity enables a wide range of research, commercialization, and recreational use-cases.

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Large-scale real-time adaptive modeling

Adaptive framework for cluster compute solutions to data streaming challenges.

100% Open-source core

Open-source architecture designed for research, commercialization, and recreational use-cases alike.

Optimized parallel compute

Highly optimized architecture geared for ultra-parallelization.

Real-Time Adaptive Modeling

Time-series forecasting, using established machine learning algorithms such as Reinforcement Learning, Decision Trees, and Neural Networks.

DISCLAIMER FreqAI is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency offerings. FreqAI is, and always will be, a not-for-profit, open-source project. FreqAI does not have a crypto token, FreqAI does not sell signals, and FreqAI does not have a domain besides the freqtrade documentation Please beware of imposter projects, and help us by reporting them to the official FreqAI discord server.
100% Open Source

Robust code base with thousands of users, well maintained documentation, and interactive knowledge base with 10k+ posts.

Innovative Algorithmic Techniques

Novel data metrics, industry-standard outlier detection methods, and statistically safe data handling.

High-Resolution Algorithmic Art

Style-transfer software based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Easy parameter space exploration via graphical interface and job scheduling.

Unique implementation for unique designs

Unmatched ultra-high-detail textures and colors, stunning unique style generation, 60+ demonstration pieces available at the dedicated website.

Featured at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

Art pieces ‘Les Fleurs Perdues’ displayed at the ‘Romantica Exhibition’ in Milan, Italy.