Driving adaptive modeling with data science
Real-time adaptive modeling for finance

FreqAI is an open-source project that allows for time-series forecasting via established machine learning algorithms, such as Reinforcement Learning, Decision Trees, and Neural Networks.
Built in Python, the core engine allows users to connect any open-source machine learning or data analysis library to create a custom system for adaptive modeling. We currently provide 18 pre-configured prediction models for XGBoost, LightGBM, CatBoost, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Stable Baselines.

DISCLAIMER FreqAI has gained such a strong reputation in the open-source machine learning community that it has become a target of imposter projects aimed at using the FreqAI name to offer cryptocurrencies. FreqAI is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency offerings. FreqAI is, and always will be, a not-for-profit, open-source project. FreqAI does not have a crypto token, FreqAI does not sell signals, and FreqAI does not have a domain besides the freqtrade documentation https://www.freqtrade.io/en/latest/freqai/. Please beware of imposter projects, and help us by reporting them to the official FreqAI discord server.

100% Open Source

Thanks to the open-source community, FreqAI is a robust and well documented software that has been vetted by hundreds of users and has more than 15 unique developer contributors.
The community of active users help report bugs and contribute to the FreqAI discord server being an interactive knowledge base with 10k+ posts.
The core engine is, and will always remain, open-source.

Innovative Algorithmic Techniques

The FreqAI core engine facilitates agile development of custom machine learning workflows.
We provide industry standard outlier detection methods together with novel data metrics, and allow for use of any available data manipulation tool whilst ensuring statistically safe data handling.

Forecasts on any streaming data source imaginable
Large-scale adaptive modeling in real-time

Flowdapt is an Emergent Methods project for large-scale adaptive modeling challenges. It is highly adaptable to handle customized workflows (plug-ins) in parallelized environments. The software comes equipped with industry standard machine learning methods such as classifiers, regressors, neural networks, reinforcement learning, outlier detection, data normalization, and much more.

Distributed computing

Flowdapt builds on top of Dask, a high-throughput, cluster-compute base-layer that handles complex task scheduling and load balancing. Meanwhile, Flowdapt adds a REST API, built-in MLOps, automated adaptive modeling algorithms, and industry standard machine learning and outlier detection methods.

Customizable plug-ins

Flowdapt is built in Python, but is equipped with a well documented REST API geared for integration into external software written in any other language. Anyone can build their own plug-in, and Emergent Methods offers a variety of customizable template options, including open-source and proprietary examples such as weather forecast, finance market forecasts, and building automation.

Creating stunning art with neural networks
High-Resolution Algorithmic Art

JaiRevAI is a style-transfer software based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). High-resolution style-transfer is achieved by optimizing the “pixel distance” between a content image and a style image. JaiRevAI boasts a variety of unique image-handling methods that do not exist anywhere else in the industry. These novel techniques yield stunning ultra-high resolution print-worth imagery that has earned its place hanging in art galleries as well as in numerous homes around the world.

Unique implementation for unique designs

The JaiRevAI software generates unmatched ultra-high-detail textures and colors and allows for stunning and unique style generation.
60+ demonstration pieces, ranging from landscapes to person portraits, are available at emergentartwork.com.

Featured at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

Apart from gracing the walls of numerous clients, the art pieces ‘Les Fleurs Perdues’ were displayed at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery as part of the 2021 ‘Romantica Exhibition’ in Milan, Italy.