Emergent Methods is comprised of open-source enthusiasts who met while developing and supporting FreqAI.
Robert Caulk, PhD Founder

Robert is a computational scientist with over 800 citations across a 12-year history of building open-source software in computationally expensive domains such as machine learning, image analysis, and coupled physical processes. His software enables users to freely explore large parameter spaces, pre- and post- process large volumes of data, and leverage state-of-the-art computational hardware. Apart from FreqAI (adaptive modeling) and JaiRevAI (machine learning art generation), Robert's open-source software portfolio includes Melissa (large-scale deep learning), Yade (discrete element method), and SPAM (image analysis).

Elin Törnquist, PhD Research Scientist

Elin is a research scientist with a history of designing and managing interdisciplinary research projects, with several successful research proposals and grants for large-scale research campaigns. Her expertise is in scientifically sound data processing and analysis techniques, with a focus on enabling transparent and reproducible results that can be clearly communicated to a broad audience.

Tim Pogue Large-Scale Systems Engineer / Software Architect

Tim is a software developer and cloud systems engineer with expertise in cloud computing technologies. He has experience in deploying and managing large-scale applications, and has been responsible for designing and implementing scalable, secure, and highly-available solutions for numerous organizations.

Wagner Costa Santos Software Developer / Data Analyst

Wagner is a full stack developer, data analyst, and entrepreneur, with a history of building B2B projects where he has served in technical and leadership positions. He has solid knowledge in SQL and NoSQL databases, NodeJS, Javascript, React, Python, C#, ElasticSearch, among other technologies.

Steven Caulk Business Logistics

Steve has over 20 years experience consulting with clients to build strong business plans and media relations. He earned his MBA from the University of Colorado Denver.